Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mr. Freeman's Pictures

By Douglas H. Shepard


            The Darwin R. Barker Historical Museum has an extensive collection of photographs covering from the 1840s to the present. The collection was featured in the Museum's "Photographers of Fredonia" exhibit in the early 21st century, and it includes local scenes, individuals, and groups. In the last category are a set of seven group photos of young boys and girls in what are probably classes used for practice teachers at the Fredonia Normal School. Someone has labeled the photos, "Mr. Freeman's pictures of classes 1883-1890," and for each has provided a typed identification key for most of the pupils.

            Mr. Freeman was Andrew Y. Freeman, who joined the Fredonia Normal School faculty in the Fall of 1880. It is not clear if he was the photographer — he is in the first photo of 1883 — or just arranged to have the photos taken. Whoever provided the identifications, also assigned dates — some of them conjectural —  for each photo. They are I=1883, II=1884, III=1885, IV=1886, V=1887, VI= 1888, VII=1889. The names are given below in alphabetical order and the group photo number is added. The names are given exactly as in the original, including names in parentheses. A few additional comments are in square brackets.


 Frank Davis (Adams) I

Hattie Adams VI

Daisy Annis I

Minnie Annis VII


Frank Ball I

Louis Ball II

Will Barker IV

Minnie Bartholomew II

Frances Beckwith IV

Jessie Beckwith II

Violetta (Lettie) Beckwith I

Charlie Benjamin V

Cora Benton II

Fred Bickers VII

Birta Blackman VII

Lesley Blackman VII

______ Blodgett [Female] V

Gertie Blood V

Belle Borojer (Boyea?) V

Lyda Bor yer (Boyea?) V

Willie Brickley VII

Kate Briggs VI

Kate Brown I

Margaret Brown IV

Ned Buck III

Lillian Burke II

Nettie Burr IV

Kate Burritt I


Ward Cadwill VII

Bird Camp II

Sarah Canty V

Lilla Cobb III

Anna Colburn II

Harry Colburn IV

Ella Cooper VI

Charlie Couch III

Bessie Crouch IV

Edith Curtis III

Marie Cushing VI


Mary Dagenais V

Walter Daniel II

Frank Davis I

Anna Delvin III

Lila Doolittle VII

Lulu Douglas IV

Orton Douglas V

Kate Dunkley IV

Mammie Dunning V

Nina Durfre I


Eddie Easton V

Minnie Easton III

Will Edmonds IV

Homer Ellis V

Grace Ensign (?) V


Eddie Foster II

Emily Foster VI

Gnna  Foster IV

John Foster II

Mable Foster V

Gene Fraser III

Mr.Freeman I


Ella Gates V

Jennie Glenn V

Florence Grant IV

Arthur Guest II


Theodore Hamilton II

Emma Hart V

Jan Harti VI

Katie Hendee I

Luttie (?) Higgins I

Charlie Hopkins IV

Lollie Houser III

Mary Houser II

Maud Hughes V

(Anna?) Mary Hull I


Frank Irwin II


Alice Kennedy I

Ida Kesner III






James Lake III

Bob Landers III

Charlie Landers IV

Will Lester IV

Raymond Lewis VII

John Luke VII

Carrie Lynn V


Roy Marsh VII

Kittie Martin V

Parthina Martin III

Grace McClanathan VI

Kate McDonald II

Grace McKinstry III

Helen McPherson II

Herbert (Bert) Miner I

John Mixer VI

Frank Moir III

George Morgan VI

Mary Morgan VI

Jessie Morian V


Harry Newton III

James Normand V


Ernest Palmer II

Nelson Palmer V

Waldo Parker II

Louis Paschke IV

Flora Pemberton V

Mable Pemberton VI

Ruth Perrin V

Alvan Perry V

Jessie Plater V

Grace Porrel (?) V

Alice Putnam II

Charlotte Putnam IV


Albert Richardson VII

Matie Robert III, IV

Theodore Roberts II

Bessie Rodenough VI

Norman Roose V




Nettie Slone V

Alice Smith II

Louise Smith II

Louis Starr VI

Bessie Stevens II

Ned Stevens V

_____ Straight [Male] III

Lillian Straight VII

Fannie Sweet I


Albert Tambling IV

Dolly Tambling IV

Clinton Tarbox IV

Flora Tarr II

Jessie Tarr VI

Diane Tate II

Nora Tate I

Ira Terrill III

Sarah Terrill II

Harry Thayer I

Belle Tiffany VI

Fannie Topliffe V

Anna Tremaine II,V

Monti Tyler V


Jessie VanLeuren V


Minnie Wallace VI

Nellie Warren V

Jennie Weaver V

Charlie Webster( (?) VII

Anna Wheelock I

Wm. White II

Carrie Wiggen V

Louise Wilcox I

Katie Wiley V

Belle Wilson III

Jennie Wilson VII

Mary Wilson II

_____ Woods [Female] V

Blanche Woods VII

Will Woods III


Harry Zehnder VI

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