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George Ryman kept a small notebook in which he recorded the graves he dug in Pioneer Cemetery from 1867 through December 1893. At times, in describing locations, he mentioned pathways, gates, etc. These entries are given below. The possible, approximate or exact location is given in the square brackets following the entry.

16 July 1869:  Mrs. Kane's Grave on the south side of a grave marked My Mother [#262] close to Barker's Fence and the Gillett Lot. [Mrs. Kane=#248? Milo Gillett=#258, Charles Gillett=#260, Polly Gillett=#261]

1 August 1869: Louis Heyls Brothers Daughters grave on the north side of a childs grave by the name of Trapstone 1 Rod from George Barkers fence.

15 August 1869: Mr. Wicks grave 2nd grave north of Iron fence of Margarett _____? Scotch near the gate. (This is very difficult to make out. It may mean "Margaret ______" who was Scotch. Ryman does use identifications such as "Swede" or "Dutch.")

14 May 1870: Mr. Staats grave by Barker fence.

7 July 1870: Charles Bland (colored) infant on south side of his other children made a wide grave for the 3 (near the south east corner of Devillo White's fence).

3 October 1870: Dutch girl 13 years old the 4th grave from alley on the south side of alley leading from the gate behind the Adams graves. [Adams graves were #1091-1096; the Dutch girl's grave may be #1110]

3 December 1870: Mr. Henry Foster's son about 6 feet south of John Sloan's grave, head to the Central walk. [Jonathan Sloan=769]

21 August 1871: Mrs. Woodruff close to the new cemetery fence on the north side of 2 Locke graves. [Locke graves=978-979; i.e. fence between Pioneer and Forest Hill. The wording suggests it is Pioneer's fence.]

20 October 1871: Mr. Petermans grave near Barkers fence on the north side of his father.

13 July 1872: Mr  Muchlong (pronounced Meling) grave 3rd grave north of Catheriine Nelsons and near the entrance on south side.

20 October 1872: Miss Baldwin on the Button lot on the left hand of the steps at the entrance. [#1611]

12 December 1872: Mr. Clamers on the south side of Aner wife of William Cookson near the gate of the old ground. [#1112]

22 March 1873: Mrs. Howe close to Cemetery line on the Mason grave lot.

11 January 1874: Father in law of Fred Smith south side of Fred Smith's child that was buried last March East side of Main Alley running north and south to opposite Joseph Gilbert's grave and by south of Balsam tree.

14 February 1874: Mrs. Smiths grave on the same Tier as Gen. Risley across the alley.

23 February 1874: Samuel Goodson on the north side of his wife and close to Main Alley near the gate.

5 March 1874: Mrs. Peterson close to Barker Fence between her husband and son.

5 April 1874: Daniel Gould where George Buttons father was buried next to the alley.

29 November 1874: Mrs. Marbeons [grave] Head to the alley west of Cates lot and next grave south of Maple tree the foot of it is a little south west of the headstone of Mr. Hocks (Shocks? S Locks?) grave.

15 January 1875: Mr. Morley's grave [#1149] close to the main Alley from the gate the foot of the grave to the Head of Isaac Godfreys grave. [#1131]

22 October 1875: Mr. Staats [#34] south side of father close to a Maple Tree the foot of the grave up to Barkers fence.

1 May 1876: Mother of Horatio W. Green at the foot of the Markham Fence between two other graves. [#993?]

3 June 1878: Chester Brown south of his wife close to Main Street.

9 August 1878: Mrs. Ribble south side of Story childs grave near the southeast corner of the Old Grave Yard.

10 August 1878: Henry Newman on the north side of his infant on the west side of the alley running north and south by the Abell stone with the foot of the grave right to the alley opposite John Sloan on the east and James Thomas on the west. [Infant Newman=#439; Thomas Abell=#334; John Sloan=#769; James Thomas=#540]

21 August 1878: Mrs. Woodruff close to the new cemetery fence on the north side of Lockes graves.

14 January 1879: Mrs. Ruch's (?) grave close to the Forest Hill fence (?) line on the west corner in the Pettits row of graves.

19 March 1879: Mrs. Mary Sloane in John Millers lot back of Rufus Parkers shop.

20 February 1880: Mrs. Beach close almost under the line fence between the old and the new cemeteries on the same tier of graves as I Onnen and Smith's with the foot of the grave to the further alley. [Nancy Beach=#481; Onnen=#480; O. L. Smith=#479]

2 April 1880: Mr. Zenther's infant daughter next to Main alley on the tier west of James B. Sprague lot. [James B. Sprague=#897?]

12 July 1880: Infant of Mr. Churchill on top of his son in southernmost grave on the Leveens Lot and close to and north of Peter Davys child north of the main alley from Main Street.

17 August 1880: Make over two graves for Mrs. LeRoy near old Cemetery entrance etc.

12 January 1881: Mrs. Lucy Gear on south side of other 3 Geers graves near the front or west of the entrance to the old grave yard.

22 February 1881: Close to the New Cemetery but in the Old a Swede girl. The foot of her grave lies to Jonah Bristols Lot and north of an old stone marked Thoma. p.s. Her name was Westling.

18 February 1882: Zenther about 12 feet south of Isaac Godfrey near the main street entrance.

7 August 1882: Mrs. Miller on John Millers lot above Parkers Shop.

21 September 1882: William Gerhan close to New Cemetery Fence on the east of the Frank Stones and in same row as Nathan Franks wife.

23 February 1883: Child 25 feet from the corner post of Forest Hill cemetery east corner.

13 March 1883: William Mullen north side of other son of John Mullen where the Gardners family was taken out (near the gate).

2 May 1883: Mrs. Spink south of Walker graves second grave from the alley in the center of the Yard. [#399-403?]

20 December 1883: Andrew Kennon (?) on north side of infant of Rev. Tyler in what was called the Episcopal burial ground.

10 June 1886: Swede girl 4 or 5 feet from Forest Hill Cemetery line on the north side of a Morey gravestone.

9 August 1886: Infant son of Chas. August close to the Forest Hill Cemetery line with the feet to Hickory Tree.

12 October 1886: Mrs. Barth between Rev. Tylers child and a Ruggles on West Point of the Old Ground.

13 October 1886: Mary Gould near the gate at the head of her mother Mrs Parnell. [Emily Parnwell=#1075+]
10 May 1887: Anna Bertha Gloor (?) in Episcopal lot in the Old Ground.

20 November 1887: Mrs ____ Gould 3rd grave from the drive on the Tier of lots west of the Barzillai Gould graves.

9 December 1887: Mrs. Ingham in South East corner of the old ground nearly close to Barkers fence.

13 March 1888: Mrs. Moshiers grave (TheadoriaTaggart) where I took up Guest grave close to the entrance.

17 April 1888: Zera Sisson Jr. west of his father 2nd tier from the drive back of Tom Spinks wife.

16 June 1889: Florence Gustus close to Cemetery fence.

5 February 1890: Mrs. Emily S. Apthorp north side of 2 children near Cemetery fence. [#636]

19 February 1890: Infant Miller private lot close to lower Wall.

18 March 1890: Richard on a pointed lot west of Devillo Lakes (?) Aged 12 hours.

2 March 1891: Mrs. Elizabeth Heuber south of Rev. Tylers infant Episcopal Ground.

7 December 1891: Mrs. Charles Renne on their lot close to Mattesons fence (?)

24 February 1892: Charles H. Heyl very near to Judge Barkers fence and north of the Heyl Headstone and close to it.

4 May 1892: _______ south side of Main drive across from John and William Janning.

7 September 1892: Infant of Charles Augustus on south side of one of the twins near cemetery fence.

23 January 1893: Pearl A. Myers (?) just inside Cemetery Fence next to Jacksons lot.

12 February 1893: Carl Eloff Carlson close to Forest Hill Cemetery hedge at head of Gustas chiuldren.

9 December 1893: Mrs. Congdon north of Mr. and Mrs. Orcutts grave and east of south end of Iron Fence
Oren Monroe
By Douglas H. Shepard, 2012

                Oren Monroe (his name is sometimes given as Orrin or Oron) was born in Thornfield, Ontario, Canada on 11 July 1825 according to his obituary in Dunkirk Evening Observer of 18 April 1900.  He, his wife Mary Ann (originally from England) and their two children, William, 4, and Hazard Purdy, 2, moved from Canada to Dunkirk NY in 1852.  [1855 New York State Census] 
                Monroe opened a daguerreian studio at 223 Center Street. In 1867 he put up a building at 300-304 Center Street, at the corner of East Third Street, the Monroe Block. With the stock from the former McCarty & Towle Drug Co., he opened the Monroe Pharmacy.  The 1870 Census lists O. Monroe's wife, Mary Ann, as a photographer and their daughter, Hulda McIntosh, as an Assistant Photographer.
                Child's Gazetteer (1873) lists O. Monroe & Son, photographers as well as O. Monroe & Son, wholesale and retail druggists at the two different locations on Center Street. The "Son" was Hazard Purdy Monroe. In 1881 Monroe sold his photographic studio to B. R. Gifford. Mary Ann Monroe died on 16 May 1899, Oren on 18 April 1900. [Dunkirk Evening Observer obituaries]
Oliver Benton Evans and Jane M. Evans
By Douglas H. Shepard, 2012

                The 1860 Census for Buffalo records an Oliver B. Evans, 44, Photographer; Jane M., 31; and Grace, 6. There is a item that was for sale, Evans' Domestic Tanning Process. . . .  (Patented May 9, 1867 by O. B. Evans of Buffalo.) The work was printed in Chillicothe OH. The Mormon Family Search site records an Oliver Benton Evans being Christened at St. Paul's Evangelical Church in Buffalo on 5 September 1869. No age given. The 1870 Census for Buffalo has only Oliver B. Evans, 54; and Grace S., 17.
                I can find no record of Jane M. Evans until 1873. The Fredonia Censor of 13 August 1873 carries a long ad for "Photographs! Mrs. O. B. Evans." (The ad ran through 11 February 1874.) She has taken the rooms formerly occupied by George R. Martin "over Miner's Bank" (ca. 30 West Main Street in Fredonia). She states that she has produced Ivorytypes "18 years ago" which can be seen to prove their durability. Make an appointment "as Mrs. E's time for the next month will be divided between Westfield and Fredonia."
                Three testimonials follow, from H. H. Gifford of Jamestown dated 24 February 1872; from C. F. S. Thomas of the Commercial Advertiser, Buffalo, 19 February 1869; and from Dr. T. F. Hunt, Associate Editor, Commercial Advertiser, Buffalo, 10 March 1868. Gifford has "Ivory pictures" of himself and of Mrs. Gifford taken by Mrs. Evans at Buffalo "some sixteen years ago" (i.e. 1856). Thomas has one made in 1856, and Hunt one done in 1867.
                The 1875 Census for Fredonia has Jane M. Evans, 39, Photographer, born in Herkimer NY; and Grace E. Evans, 20, daughter, born in Erie, living with her in a brick home near 1 Park Place in Fredonia. A website called, "The Stories of Some Buffalo Photographers," says that O. B. Evans was buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo. J. H. Lants & Son's 1879 Jamestown Directory includes in its listing for Fredonia, Mrs. O. B. Evans, Photographer.
                The Fredonia Censor of 17 September 1879 noted the marriage of Grace Evans to Percy M. Ising (Eising?) at the Church of the Transfiguration ("The Little Church Around the Corner") in Manhattan. The marriage was performed by the Rev. Dr. Houghton on 6 September 1879. The 1880 Census for Buffalo includes Grace Eising, 26, and Grace Eising, 2 months, living with Otis Seymone and his family. There is no mention of Percy or of Mrs. Evans.                                                                                                                          

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An Alphabetical Index to the Town of Pomfret
Road Surveys, 1809-1823
By Douglas H. Shepard, 2000

                The Town of Pomfret was established on 11 March 1808 and the first Town meeting was on 5 April 1808. At that meeting, it was decided “to purchase a Book for Register.” That volume, designated the “Old Book” or “O.B.” by the Clerk, Mosely W. Abell in 1823, and “Book A”” at a later date, was a general purpose record including minutes of meetings, cattle marks, financial records, etc. Certain pages were set aside for road surveys to be entered. The surveyors brought in their field notes, usually on small scraps of paper, which the Clerk carefully copied into the book. Although these records have been discarded, they were microfilmed.
                The field notes and surveys in Book A have been printed off from the microfilm, and typed versions have been made for easier reading. The copies and typed versions are available at the Barker Historical Museum. The index which follows includes personal and place names and some modern equivalents such as “Central Ave.” where the original used “Dunkirk St.” Of course, “Dunkirk St.” is also indexed. The page numbers are those in Book A and repeated in the typed version. Other name indexes are available for the later records as well, called Books B, C, and D covering 1808 through 1889.

Henry Abell, 103,106
Allegany Road, 34,35,53
George Anderson, 42
Ezra Andrews, 57
E____ Arnold, 36

Isaac Baldwin,Jr., 51,52
Barzilla Barker, 57
Barker’s House, 4
Barkers Mills, 2,3
Barkers Potash, See: Perry & Barker
Benj. Barnes, 22
Benjamin Barrett, 39
Mr. Barrows, 8,16
Jona L. Bartoo, 13
Capt. Batchelder, 119
____ Batchellers, 105,119,132
Daniel Batter [Butler?], 131
Bear Lake, 105,112,119
Bear Lake Road, 124,129
John Bellows, 22
Mr. Benjamin, 122
Bennett Saw Mill, 129
Robert Bennett, 52,59
Samuel Berry, 103
Berry Road, 37,103
Nathan Bowers [Nathaniel Bowen?], 35
Brigham, 126
Haven Brigham, 113
J. Brigham, 108
Brigham’s Creek, 44
Brigham’s Mill, 43,115
Brigham’s Road, 45
Hezekiah Bull, 26,112,120,121, 134
Thomas Bull, 11
Bull Road, 115,124,134
Bull’s Mill, 38,105,106,111,119,121,124,128,131
Bunnell Road, 126
Josiah Burge, 129
Augustus Burnham, 33,40
Eliphalet Burnham, 18, 51 (twice)
John Burnham, 130
Burnham’s Mill, 47
S (?) Burnham’s Mill, 51
Burnham (?) Road, 126
Daniel Butler [Batter?], 131

Mr. Carles [Carrols?], 119
Carpenter’s Tavern, 130
Cassadaga Road, 119
Cascade, 4, 12, 14
Cascade Mill, 33
Casdagus Lake, 1, 18
Nathan Cass, 10, 35 (twice), 36 (twice)
Cassadaga Lake, 56,105,112,121,123 (and See: Casdagus)
Cassadaga Road, 119
Cattaraugus, 5, 32
Cattaraugus Creek, 18, 23
Catteraugus Reservation, 32
Center St. [Dunkirk], 108
Central Ave., 1,108
Chautauque Lake, 3
Chautauque Road, 3,115,126 (See also: New Chautauque Road)
Chestnut St., 122
L. & J. T. Clark, 116
Artemus Clothier, 53
____ Clough, 103,105
Levi Clough, 106
Widow C. Cole, 125
_____ [Lot?] Colegrove Still, 106
Colgrove & Ward Still, 106
Common [west], 122
Conawango Road, 25
Conewango Creek, 35
Cooley, 1
David Cooley, 13
Cooley’s House, 27
Luke Coon, 43
Robert Cowden, 51, 59, 104, 107, 140
_____ Crane, 22
Dr. Orris Crosby, 120
Zattu Cushing, 57, 58,122
Cushing Road, 141

Harvey Darkus [Durgis?], 129
Davis, 1
Samuel Davis, 11,33,105
Elijah Devin, 106,107 (and See: Elijah Divine}
Elisha Devine, 58,106,107
____Dickinson, 121
Elijah Divine, 58
Mr. O. Douglass, 118
Richard Douglass, 21, 27, 58,118
Harvey Durges, 129

Eagle Street, 24,122,140
Mr. Eastwood, 45,48,104,111,113
Martin Eastwood, 124
Martin Eastwood’s Saw Mill, 119
Ebenezer Eaton’s Clothing Works, 111
Mr. Ensigns, 118
Ellicott’s Road, 31, 41,122
Erie Road, 7,15,16,23,43,44,45,103 (See also: New Erie Road and Old Erie Road)

Joel Fischer, 110,141
Joel Fisher, 109
Pliny Fisher, 129
Fort Hill, 22, 57, 131
S. Fox, 117
Widow Fuller, 117
Joseph Fuller, 129

Elias Gilbert, 129
Timothy Golden [Goulding?], 117,118,127
William Gould, 24,118
Doan Griffith, 125
D. Griggs, 127

Hamlet Street, See: Bull Road, 115, 124
S. & W. Harmon, 122,140,141
Joel Harrington, 13,24, 26, 27,57, 58, 103, 118, 119, 121 (twice), 122,123,127,140,141
Mr. M. Harrington, 118
Daniel Harris, 140
Otis Hinckley, 127
Esq. Hinman, 39
A.(?) Holbrook saw mill, 53
Abner Holmes, 126
Alanson Holmes,114
Alanson Holmes & Co., See: Abner Holmes
Orsamus Holmes, 6,9,24
Nathan Hood [Rood?], 134
Houghton Common, 122

____Johnson, 22
Capt. E. Johnson, 125
Samuel Johnson, 128
Uriah L. Johnson, 13

T. (?) Kapple, 121, 133
Mr. Kelly, 124
Richard Kelly, 56
Mr. John Kent, 34,35,49

Mr. Lee, 9
Joel Lee, 59
Lee Road, 139
John Lewis, 40
P. (?) Lewis, 40
Little Canadaway Creek, 3,132
Little Lake, See: Cassadaga Lake
Deacon J. Loomis, 141,142
Deacon I. A. Lovejoy, 133
Ezra Lowell, 110

Main Road, 120
Capt. J. Mark, 5
John Marks Ferry, 23
Mr. Marsh, 4
S. Marsh, 141
Isaiah Marten, 125
Mayville, 3
Edward McGreggpr, 40, 51, 106, 107
William Miller, 106
Moore’s Mills, 16
Jehiel Moore, 32
Morse [Moore?], 8,9,10 (twice)

Calvin Nelson [Nilson?], 104
New Chautauque Road, 55, 56, 115, 123, 124, 125, 127, 132, 133
Thomas Newel, 139
Mr. Nobles, 120,128

Oak Hill, 54
Abiram Orton, 13, 33, 119, 140
Philo Orton, 7, 39

Samuel Perry, 4,
Lt. Samuel Perry, 5
Mr. Pier, 119
Perry (?) & Barkers Potash, 8
Ira Picket, 138
Selah Picket, 138
W. S. Porter, 117
Ezra Potter, 140
Esq. Pratt, 43
Solomon Prints [Prince?], 54
Abel Prior, 44,51
Ezra Puffer, 36

William Reed, 140
Seth Richardson, 41
Elijah Risley, 3
Horace Risley, 12 (?), 21, 37, 103
Robert’s Tavern, 58,133
Mr. Roberts, 109
Benjamin Roberts, 108,117,118
Nathan Rood, 134
Widow Rood, 134
Route 5, 116, 142 (?)
Mr. Rowe, 8

W. T. Sawin, 117
School House, 108,118
Scott Farm, 6
Sela Seymour, 27
Seymour Street, 55,121 (?), 128
Shaw [Shaun?], 133
Silver Creek, 18, 19, 21
E. Simmons Blacksmith Shop, 122
Sinclear’s Mill, 41, 42, 44
Jon. Sloan, 117,118
_____ Smith, 103
Levi Spafford, 129
Capt. Sprague, 110,117
D. Stebbins, 8 (twice)
Hez. Stebbins, Jr., 16
Thomas Stebbins, 8
Nathan Strong, 17
Strongs Bay, 2
Benjamin Sweet, 36

Tavern Brook, 1
_____ Taylor, 103
Oliver Taylor, 13, 46, 51 (twice), 52,105,106,107,121
Temple Street, 4,48
E. Thatcher, 127
D. Thompson, 121
Town Line, 10 (And See: West Line of Pomfret)
Moses Tucker, 58
Mr. Turner, 4,119
H. Turner, 103,106
Turner’s Mill, 37
Hezekiah Turner, 106

Van Buren Road, 113
John O. Vantassel, 13

Walnut Creek, 4, 5, 10, 11, 16, 36, 53
Walnut Creek Road, 6, 14, 15, 24, 27, 32, 33, 59, 118, 127
_____ Ward’s Still, 106
F. Ward, 122
S. Ward, 122
Joshua Warren, 131
P. Warren, 112
Water Street, 120
Mr. Webber, 6
Elisha Webster, 55
West Line of Pomfret, 3,17
Jonathan Wilber, 8
Judge Willoughby, 127
Zebina Willson, 130
Nathan Wood, 134
Alphabetical List of Photographers
By Douglas H. Shepard, 2000

Bellsmith & Power: Randolph P. Bellsmith. Born in England in 1857. He came to the U.S. in 1867. In 1883 he married Mary E. Donogh in Hamilton OH. He was a photographer there about 1900. Nothing on Power. I have sent an inquiry to the Hamilton Historical Society.

Luke C. Dillon: Daguerreian probably in Baltimore and Washington DC 1855-60s.

Emerlings' Fine Tin Types:  Nothing

Falor: Arthur C. Falor was born in 1855 in Iowa. He is listed in the 1880 Census as a photographer in Berea OH. In 1900 he was in Assumption County LA and in 1910 in Covington LA, still as a photographer.

B. R. Gifford: Byron R. Gifford was a  photographer in Forestville from 1875-1881, then in Dunkirk 1881-1908. (See: the Fredonia Normal School Commencement Bells of June 1900.)

Bob Gregory: Born in Westfield in 1923. Served in WW II then was at the Fred Archer School of Photography in Los Angeles. He came to Fredonia in 1950 and opened Bob Gregory Photography first at 67 Seymour Street then at 15 Houghton Street. He was a classmate of Brad Anderson, the "Marmaduke" cartoonist from Brocton. Gregory died in December 1977.  Howard Blanding said in an e mail that Gregory had the most modern studio in western NY and we "should devote considerable time to Bob Gregory."

Thomas Hill: Perhaps the finisher in a daguerreian gallery in Charleston SC in 1855 and a daguerreian in Memphis TN 1855-60.

Hough & Mason: Eugene K. Hough was born in 1834. He began studying photography in 1856. He was listed as an artist and daguerreian in Petersburg VA in 1858 and in Louisburg NC in 1859. From 1861 to 1866 he worked as a "poser" in a New York City gallery. In 1865 he married Frances Mason. In June 1886 he moved to Fredonia. He is listed in the 1887 Directory as an artist. After Harry McNeill died, Hough and his brother-in-law Charles O. Mason bought McNeill's equipment and opened at McNeill's old address in September 1890. They advertised through December 1891. Thereafter they operated separately, Mason continuing at 30 West Main Street.  Around 1930 he moved to 17 East Main Street (upstairs) and around 1935 took on Cosimo Mancuso as his assistant. Mason died in February 1933 and the business was taken over and run by Mancuso until 1943. Hough continued as a photographer here until his death in 1902.

J. F. Jarvis: John F. Jarvis was born in England in 1852. He had a studio at 135 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington DC by 1880 and was still there in 1920. He seems to have specialized in stereographic views.

Jeffrey Klein: Nothing

Lester, A. N., Crayon Artist: There is no record of him. However, Rufus W. Lester was born in 1849. He was offering pencil sketches for sale in December 1866 and opened a studio at home in June 1867, drawings, portrait sketches, etc. The Censor of 13 June 1877 reported that he has worked at retouching photos for years, and was then working for Charles Pringle. He died in May 1883. His obituary said he did portrait work with pencils and crayons.

Madison: Perhaps George Madison printer in the 1899 Directory or J. W. Madison who sold pictures, frames etc. 1897 Directory.

Marsh-Baker: Printers at 19 Water St. 1905-1909.

C. O. Mason: See Hough & Mason

McLaren: M. Russell McLaren began a photo studio at 35 West Main Street around 1918. His son, Robert R. McLaren and Robert's wife Doris worked with him. She was the "photo oil colorist." M. R. McLaren retired by 1968. The business continued under Robert for that year. He died in January 1970.

H. McNeill: Harry McNeill was born about 1855. Adopted by James and Esther McNeill. He may have studied photography with Asa Whitney. Opened a gallery at 45 West Main Street and in 1881 he moved to 28 West Main Street. In May 1881 he married Clara, daughter of Asa H. Whitney. It is McNeill who donated or lent an album of Old Timers to begin the Historical Collection of the new Darwin R. Barker Library in November 1882. He died in September 1890. His negatives and studio were taken over by Hough & Mason.

Mark Mulville: Nothing

Notman Photographic Co.: William Notman (1826-1891) established a photo business in Montreal and in time had another 7 in Canada and 19 in the Northeast U.S. The business continued after his death in 1891 until his surviving son Charles sold it in 1935.

H. C. Robinson: H. C. Robinson moved to Fredonia in 1887 and opened a book and stationery store at 1 East Main Street. In 1906 he moved to 6 West Main Street. In 1920 he moved to 24 Water Street and then to Buffalo after 1925. He died in June 1927. He may have sold prints or frames, but he does not seem to have been a photographer.

Richard/Robert Seydel: Nothing

Sisson: Charles H. Sisson born in 1851. He is first listed as a photographer in the 1883 Directory. His studio was at 61 West Main Street according to the 1887 Directory. He was there until 1920. He died in September 1920.

Whitmore Studios: There are some contemporary photographic studios: Whitmore studios in Malden MA and Carolyn Whitmore, studio and Gallery in Atlanta GA.
Photographers in Fredonia: a Chronological List from the Censor and other sources
By Douglas H. Shepard, 2000

Garlick & Rockland at Johnson House. Daguerreotype. FC  30 June 1841
Dr.Clark at Johnson House for two or three days. FC 24 December 1844
Dr. Clark at Johnson House, after three weeks in Warren PA. FC 30 September 1845
Mr. Hulaneski at the Pavilion. Also five lessons in painting. FC 30 September 1845
Mr. F. J. Clark at the Johnson House for a few days. FC 8 December 1846
Mr. J. F. Clark at the Johnson House. FC 9 February 1847
S. Teats over W. H. Cutler's Law office for a short time. Ad dated 25 July. Fred. Express 1 August 1848
Mr. L. M. Petch at Fredonia, advertises he will next be in Sinclearville. Ad dated 1 May.  FC 15 May 1849
G. R. Martin in the Dudley Block. A Daguerrian Gallery. Ad dated 5 December 1851. Fred.Advertiser 12 December 1851. (First  permanent photographer?)
G. R. Martin "Corner of Main and Water Streets." Ad dated 6 January 1852. FC 20 January 1852
Mr. G. R. Martin. Article about in Dudley Block. Fred. Advertiser 13 April 1852
G. R. Martin can be found for a short time in his former rooms. Ad dated 21 September. FC 5 October 1852
G. R. Martin in town again for a short time at his former place. Fredonia Daguerrean Gallery. Ad dated 27 June 1854. FC 3 January 1855
H. C. Frisbee and his wife sat for their daguerrotypes "this week" according to a letter from Frisbee of 16 February 1855.
Smith & Mace [Tombstone makers] Mausoleum daguerrotype cases. Ad dated 17 December 1856. FC 3 June 1857
G. R. Martin. Ambrotypes on leather. Over Taylor & Jennings store. FC 3 June 1857
Article by K. K. Hough on "Expressing Character in Photographic Pictures" in The American Journal of Photography (15 December 1858). (Related to E. K. Hough, local photographer?)
G. R. Martin selling Daguerrian Car. Ad dated 30 March 1859. FC 1 February 1860
[William H.] Tarbell, daguerrian, takes over rooms formerly occupied by Martin, west end, 3rd floor, Center Block. Fred. Advertiser 12 December 1862
Charles Pringle, Jr. had been "connected with the photography business for the last 12 years [i.e. 1865]." FC 13 June 1877
Damon P. Clark. Photograph & Ambrotype gallery takes  the place of Tarbell. Ad dated 19 April 1866. FC 22 August 1866
Salmon Halstead replaces Tarbell. Photograph & Ambrotype gallery. FC 23 January 1867
B. W. Ladd replaces S. Halstead. Center Block. Ad dated 5 February. FC 6 May 1867
Ladd & Parker, late firm, changed to Ladd & Pringle, Mr. Parker having sold to Mr. Chas. Pringle. FC 11 November 1868
Beckwith & Whitney successors to Ladd & Pringle. Union Block over the Bank [3 E.Main St.]. FC 12 October 1870
Pringle & Whitney. Union Block. FC 12 February 1873
Charles Pringle. Sole proprietor. People's Photo Gallery. Union Block. Frescoed and refitted. FC 19 March 1873
Charles Pringle made a picture of Taylor, Day & Co.'s Road Wagon Factory. They will have more views taken when all the buildings are completed. FC 23 July 1873
Charles Pringle. Ad in Fredonia Student 20 July 1875
Charles Pringle has established the American Institute of Photography, corner of Main and Water streets. Teaching new method of photography and how to establish a gallery. Mr. R. W. Lester, who has worked at this for years, will teach retouching "and the beautiful oval glass process." FC 13 June 1877
Harry McNeill's new photograph gallery in the Woleben Block. FC 3 April 1878
Arthur D. Mitchell. White St. Photographer. 1880 Census
McNeill's Gallery. FC 30 March 1881
Montgomery & Cook have fitted up one of the Green stores on East Avenue as photographic studio. Both from Silver Creek. Cook has worked in Ohio, Montgomery is a crayon artist. FC 18 May 1887
Eugene K. Hough, artist, Gillis St. corner of Green. 1887/1888 Directory
Mr. Hough will erect photograph gallery and tenement house on Gillis. FC 27 March 1889
A. Wright has new photo gallery on Cushing St. FC 20 August 1890
E. K. Hough and Charles O. Mason bought photo outfit of late McNeill. Business in same location. [Over Miner's Bank] FC 24 September 1890 [Mason was Hough's brother-in-law]
Hough & Mason, photographers, successors to H. McNeill. FC 1 October 1890
Ads for Hough & Mason in FC 11 November through 31 December 1891. None later.
Maud M. Adams, photographer, boards on Green St. 1891 Directory
Charles O. Mason, photographer, over Miner's Bank. 1894 Directory
E. K. Hough, Forest Place. FC 27 September 1899
Eugene K. Hough, photographer. Home at 27 Green St. 1900 Directory
Charles O. Mason, photographer. Shop at 36 E. Main. Home at 119 Temple. 1900 Directory
E. K. Hough died 3 January 1902
Charles O. Mason, photographer. Shop 36 E. Main. Home 119 Temple. 1902 Directory
Silas Gibbs. Photo supplies, 80 Center St. FC 2 December 1903
Clarence Gibbs obituary. Died last Tuesday about 27. Came to Fredonia abut 14 years ago, Eagle St. Clerk at Edmund Drug and photographer. For last year on the road demonstrating for Eastman Kodak. FC 13 September 1905
C. H. Sisson, photographer. 59-61 Main St.  1907 Directory
Burton & Cook, photographers. 92 Temple St. [A. Burton and R. G. Cook both residing at 19 Forest Place] 1907 Directory
McLaren [See separate article]
Blanding  (See separate article]