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Alphabetical List of Photographers
By Douglas H. Shepard, 2000

Bellsmith & Power: Randolph P. Bellsmith. Born in England in 1857. He came to the U.S. in 1867. In 1883 he married Mary E. Donogh in Hamilton OH. He was a photographer there about 1900. Nothing on Power. I have sent an inquiry to the Hamilton Historical Society.

Luke C. Dillon: Daguerreian probably in Baltimore and Washington DC 1855-60s.

Emerlings' Fine Tin Types:  Nothing

Falor: Arthur C. Falor was born in 1855 in Iowa. He is listed in the 1880 Census as a photographer in Berea OH. In 1900 he was in Assumption County LA and in 1910 in Covington LA, still as a photographer.

B. R. Gifford: Byron R. Gifford was a  photographer in Forestville from 1875-1881, then in Dunkirk 1881-1908. (See: the Fredonia Normal School Commencement Bells of June 1900.)

Bob Gregory: Born in Westfield in 1923. Served in WW II then was at the Fred Archer School of Photography in Los Angeles. He came to Fredonia in 1950 and opened Bob Gregory Photography first at 67 Seymour Street then at 15 Houghton Street. He was a classmate of Brad Anderson, the "Marmaduke" cartoonist from Brocton. Gregory died in December 1977.  Howard Blanding said in an e mail that Gregory had the most modern studio in western NY and we "should devote considerable time to Bob Gregory."

Thomas Hill: Perhaps the finisher in a daguerreian gallery in Charleston SC in 1855 and a daguerreian in Memphis TN 1855-60.

Hough & Mason: Eugene K. Hough was born in 1834. He began studying photography in 1856. He was listed as an artist and daguerreian in Petersburg VA in 1858 and in Louisburg NC in 1859. From 1861 to 1866 he worked as a "poser" in a New York City gallery. In 1865 he married Frances Mason. In June 1886 he moved to Fredonia. He is listed in the 1887 Directory as an artist. After Harry McNeill died, Hough and his brother-in-law Charles O. Mason bought McNeill's equipment and opened at McNeill's old address in September 1890. They advertised through December 1891. Thereafter they operated separately, Mason continuing at 30 West Main Street.  Around 1930 he moved to 17 East Main Street (upstairs) and around 1935 took on Cosimo Mancuso as his assistant. Mason died in February 1933 and the business was taken over and run by Mancuso until 1943. Hough continued as a photographer here until his death in 1902.

J. F. Jarvis: John F. Jarvis was born in England in 1852. He had a studio at 135 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington DC by 1880 and was still there in 1920. He seems to have specialized in stereographic views.

Jeffrey Klein: Nothing

Lester, A. N., Crayon Artist: There is no record of him. However, Rufus W. Lester was born in 1849. He was offering pencil sketches for sale in December 1866 and opened a studio at home in June 1867, drawings, portrait sketches, etc. The Censor of 13 June 1877 reported that he has worked at retouching photos for years, and was then working for Charles Pringle. He died in May 1883. His obituary said he did portrait work with pencils and crayons.

Madison: Perhaps George Madison printer in the 1899 Directory or J. W. Madison who sold pictures, frames etc. 1897 Directory.

Marsh-Baker: Printers at 19 Water St. 1905-1909.

C. O. Mason: See Hough & Mason

McLaren: M. Russell McLaren began a photo studio at 35 West Main Street around 1918. His son, Robert R. McLaren and Robert's wife Doris worked with him. She was the "photo oil colorist." M. R. McLaren retired by 1968. The business continued under Robert for that year. He died in January 1970.

H. McNeill: Harry McNeill was born about 1855. Adopted by James and Esther McNeill. He may have studied photography with Asa Whitney. Opened a gallery at 45 West Main Street and in 1881 he moved to 28 West Main Street. In May 1881 he married Clara, daughter of Asa H. Whitney. It is McNeill who donated or lent an album of Old Timers to begin the Historical Collection of the new Darwin R. Barker Library in November 1882. He died in September 1890. His negatives and studio were taken over by Hough & Mason.

Mark Mulville: Nothing

Notman Photographic Co.: William Notman (1826-1891) established a photo business in Montreal and in time had another 7 in Canada and 19 in the Northeast U.S. The business continued after his death in 1891 until his surviving son Charles sold it in 1935.

H. C. Robinson: H. C. Robinson moved to Fredonia in 1887 and opened a book and stationery store at 1 East Main Street. In 1906 he moved to 6 West Main Street. In 1920 he moved to 24 Water Street and then to Buffalo after 1925. He died in June 1927. He may have sold prints or frames, but he does not seem to have been a photographer.

Richard/Robert Seydel: Nothing

Sisson: Charles H. Sisson born in 1851. He is first listed as a photographer in the 1883 Directory. His studio was at 61 West Main Street according to the 1887 Directory. He was there until 1920. He died in September 1920.

Whitmore Studios: There are some contemporary photographic studios: Whitmore studios in Malden MA and Carolyn Whitmore, studio and Gallery in Atlanta GA.

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