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George Ryman kept a small notebook in which he recorded the graves he dug in Pioneer Cemetery from 1867 through December 1893. At times, in describing locations, he mentioned pathways, gates, etc. These entries are given below. The possible, approximate or exact location is given in the square brackets following the entry.

16 July 1869:  Mrs. Kane's Grave on the south side of a grave marked My Mother [#262] close to Barker's Fence and the Gillett Lot. [Mrs. Kane=#248? Milo Gillett=#258, Charles Gillett=#260, Polly Gillett=#261]

1 August 1869: Louis Heyls Brothers Daughters grave on the north side of a childs grave by the name of Trapstone 1 Rod from George Barkers fence.

15 August 1869: Mr. Wicks grave 2nd grave north of Iron fence of Margarett _____? Scotch near the gate. (This is very difficult to make out. It may mean "Margaret ______" who was Scotch. Ryman does use identifications such as "Swede" or "Dutch.")

14 May 1870: Mr. Staats grave by Barker fence.

7 July 1870: Charles Bland (colored) infant on south side of his other children made a wide grave for the 3 (near the south east corner of Devillo White's fence).

3 October 1870: Dutch girl 13 years old the 4th grave from alley on the south side of alley leading from the gate behind the Adams graves. [Adams graves were #1091-1096; the Dutch girl's grave may be #1110]

3 December 1870: Mr. Henry Foster's son about 6 feet south of John Sloan's grave, head to the Central walk. [Jonathan Sloan=769]

21 August 1871: Mrs. Woodruff close to the new cemetery fence on the north side of 2 Locke graves. [Locke graves=978-979; i.e. fence between Pioneer and Forest Hill. The wording suggests it is Pioneer's fence.]

20 October 1871: Mr. Petermans grave near Barkers fence on the north side of his father.

13 July 1872: Mr  Muchlong (pronounced Meling) grave 3rd grave north of Catheriine Nelsons and near the entrance on south side.

20 October 1872: Miss Baldwin on the Button lot on the left hand of the steps at the entrance. [#1611]

12 December 1872: Mr. Clamers on the south side of Aner wife of William Cookson near the gate of the old ground. [#1112]

22 March 1873: Mrs. Howe close to Cemetery line on the Mason grave lot.

11 January 1874: Father in law of Fred Smith south side of Fred Smith's child that was buried last March East side of Main Alley running north and south to opposite Joseph Gilbert's grave and by south of Balsam tree.

14 February 1874: Mrs. Smiths grave on the same Tier as Gen. Risley across the alley.

23 February 1874: Samuel Goodson on the north side of his wife and close to Main Alley near the gate.

5 March 1874: Mrs. Peterson close to Barker Fence between her husband and son.

5 April 1874: Daniel Gould where George Buttons father was buried next to the alley.

29 November 1874: Mrs. Marbeons [grave] Head to the alley west of Cates lot and next grave south of Maple tree the foot of it is a little south west of the headstone of Mr. Hocks (Shocks? S Locks?) grave.

15 January 1875: Mr. Morley's grave [#1149] close to the main Alley from the gate the foot of the grave to the Head of Isaac Godfreys grave. [#1131]

22 October 1875: Mr. Staats [#34] south side of father close to a Maple Tree the foot of the grave up to Barkers fence.

1 May 1876: Mother of Horatio W. Green at the foot of the Markham Fence between two other graves. [#993?]

3 June 1878: Chester Brown south of his wife close to Main Street.

9 August 1878: Mrs. Ribble south side of Story childs grave near the southeast corner of the Old Grave Yard.

10 August 1878: Henry Newman on the north side of his infant on the west side of the alley running north and south by the Abell stone with the foot of the grave right to the alley opposite John Sloan on the east and James Thomas on the west. [Infant Newman=#439; Thomas Abell=#334; John Sloan=#769; James Thomas=#540]

21 August 1878: Mrs. Woodruff close to the new cemetery fence on the north side of Lockes graves.

14 January 1879: Mrs. Ruch's (?) grave close to the Forest Hill fence (?) line on the west corner in the Pettits row of graves.

19 March 1879: Mrs. Mary Sloane in John Millers lot back of Rufus Parkers shop.

20 February 1880: Mrs. Beach close almost under the line fence between the old and the new cemeteries on the same tier of graves as I Onnen and Smith's with the foot of the grave to the further alley. [Nancy Beach=#481; Onnen=#480; O. L. Smith=#479]

2 April 1880: Mr. Zenther's infant daughter next to Main alley on the tier west of James B. Sprague lot. [James B. Sprague=#897?]

12 July 1880: Infant of Mr. Churchill on top of his son in southernmost grave on the Leveens Lot and close to and north of Peter Davys child north of the main alley from Main Street.

17 August 1880: Make over two graves for Mrs. LeRoy near old Cemetery entrance etc.

12 January 1881: Mrs. Lucy Gear on south side of other 3 Geers graves near the front or west of the entrance to the old grave yard.

22 February 1881: Close to the New Cemetery but in the Old a Swede girl. The foot of her grave lies to Jonah Bristols Lot and north of an old stone marked Thoma. p.s. Her name was Westling.

18 February 1882: Zenther about 12 feet south of Isaac Godfrey near the main street entrance.

7 August 1882: Mrs. Miller on John Millers lot above Parkers Shop.

21 September 1882: William Gerhan close to New Cemetery Fence on the east of the Frank Stones and in same row as Nathan Franks wife.

23 February 1883: Child 25 feet from the corner post of Forest Hill cemetery east corner.

13 March 1883: William Mullen north side of other son of John Mullen where the Gardners family was taken out (near the gate).

2 May 1883: Mrs. Spink south of Walker graves second grave from the alley in the center of the Yard. [#399-403?]

20 December 1883: Andrew Kennon (?) on north side of infant of Rev. Tyler in what was called the Episcopal burial ground.

10 June 1886: Swede girl 4 or 5 feet from Forest Hill Cemetery line on the north side of a Morey gravestone.

9 August 1886: Infant son of Chas. August close to the Forest Hill Cemetery line with the feet to Hickory Tree.

12 October 1886: Mrs. Barth between Rev. Tylers child and a Ruggles on West Point of the Old Ground.

13 October 1886: Mary Gould near the gate at the head of her mother Mrs Parnell. [Emily Parnwell=#1075+]
10 May 1887: Anna Bertha Gloor (?) in Episcopal lot in the Old Ground.

20 November 1887: Mrs ____ Gould 3rd grave from the drive on the Tier of lots west of the Barzillai Gould graves.

9 December 1887: Mrs. Ingham in South East corner of the old ground nearly close to Barkers fence.

13 March 1888: Mrs. Moshiers grave (TheadoriaTaggart) where I took up Guest grave close to the entrance.

17 April 1888: Zera Sisson Jr. west of his father 2nd tier from the drive back of Tom Spinks wife.

16 June 1889: Florence Gustus close to Cemetery fence.

5 February 1890: Mrs. Emily S. Apthorp north side of 2 children near Cemetery fence. [#636]

19 February 1890: Infant Miller private lot close to lower Wall.

18 March 1890: Richard on a pointed lot west of Devillo Lakes (?) Aged 12 hours.

2 March 1891: Mrs. Elizabeth Heuber south of Rev. Tylers infant Episcopal Ground.

7 December 1891: Mrs. Charles Renne on their lot close to Mattesons fence (?)

24 February 1892: Charles H. Heyl very near to Judge Barkers fence and north of the Heyl Headstone and close to it.

4 May 1892: _______ south side of Main drive across from John and William Janning.

7 September 1892: Infant of Charles Augustus on south side of one of the twins near cemetery fence.

23 January 1893: Pearl A. Myers (?) just inside Cemetery Fence next to Jacksons lot.

12 February 1893: Carl Eloff Carlson close to Forest Hill Cemetery hedge at head of Gustas chiuldren.

9 December 1893: Mrs. Congdon north of Mr. and Mrs. Orcutts grave and east of south end of Iron Fence

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