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Photographers in Fredonia: a Chronological List from the Censor and other sources
By Douglas H. Shepard, 2000

Garlick & Rockland at Johnson House. Daguerreotype. FC  30 June 1841
Dr.Clark at Johnson House for two or three days. FC 24 December 1844
Dr. Clark at Johnson House, after three weeks in Warren PA. FC 30 September 1845
Mr. Hulaneski at the Pavilion. Also five lessons in painting. FC 30 September 1845
Mr. F. J. Clark at the Johnson House for a few days. FC 8 December 1846
Mr. J. F. Clark at the Johnson House. FC 9 February 1847
S. Teats over W. H. Cutler's Law office for a short time. Ad dated 25 July. Fred. Express 1 August 1848
Mr. L. M. Petch at Fredonia, advertises he will next be in Sinclearville. Ad dated 1 May.  FC 15 May 1849
G. R. Martin in the Dudley Block. A Daguerrian Gallery. Ad dated 5 December 1851. Fred.Advertiser 12 December 1851. (First  permanent photographer?)
G. R. Martin "Corner of Main and Water Streets." Ad dated 6 January 1852. FC 20 January 1852
Mr. G. R. Martin. Article about in Dudley Block. Fred. Advertiser 13 April 1852
G. R. Martin can be found for a short time in his former rooms. Ad dated 21 September. FC 5 October 1852
G. R. Martin in town again for a short time at his former place. Fredonia Daguerrean Gallery. Ad dated 27 June 1854. FC 3 January 1855
H. C. Frisbee and his wife sat for their daguerrotypes "this week" according to a letter from Frisbee of 16 February 1855.
Smith & Mace [Tombstone makers] Mausoleum daguerrotype cases. Ad dated 17 December 1856. FC 3 June 1857
G. R. Martin. Ambrotypes on leather. Over Taylor & Jennings store. FC 3 June 1857
Article by K. K. Hough on "Expressing Character in Photographic Pictures" in The American Journal of Photography (15 December 1858). (Related to E. K. Hough, local photographer?)
G. R. Martin selling Daguerrian Car. Ad dated 30 March 1859. FC 1 February 1860
[William H.] Tarbell, daguerrian, takes over rooms formerly occupied by Martin, west end, 3rd floor, Center Block. Fred. Advertiser 12 December 1862
Charles Pringle, Jr. had been "connected with the photography business for the last 12 years [i.e. 1865]." FC 13 June 1877
Damon P. Clark. Photograph & Ambrotype gallery takes  the place of Tarbell. Ad dated 19 April 1866. FC 22 August 1866
Salmon Halstead replaces Tarbell. Photograph & Ambrotype gallery. FC 23 January 1867
B. W. Ladd replaces S. Halstead. Center Block. Ad dated 5 February. FC 6 May 1867
Ladd & Parker, late firm, changed to Ladd & Pringle, Mr. Parker having sold to Mr. Chas. Pringle. FC 11 November 1868
Beckwith & Whitney successors to Ladd & Pringle. Union Block over the Bank [3 E.Main St.]. FC 12 October 1870
Pringle & Whitney. Union Block. FC 12 February 1873
Charles Pringle. Sole proprietor. People's Photo Gallery. Union Block. Frescoed and refitted. FC 19 March 1873
Charles Pringle made a picture of Taylor, Day & Co.'s Road Wagon Factory. They will have more views taken when all the buildings are completed. FC 23 July 1873
Charles Pringle. Ad in Fredonia Student 20 July 1875
Charles Pringle has established the American Institute of Photography, corner of Main and Water streets. Teaching new method of photography and how to establish a gallery. Mr. R. W. Lester, who has worked at this for years, will teach retouching "and the beautiful oval glass process." FC 13 June 1877
Harry McNeill's new photograph gallery in the Woleben Block. FC 3 April 1878
Arthur D. Mitchell. White St. Photographer. 1880 Census
McNeill's Gallery. FC 30 March 1881
Montgomery & Cook have fitted up one of the Green stores on East Avenue as photographic studio. Both from Silver Creek. Cook has worked in Ohio, Montgomery is a crayon artist. FC 18 May 1887
Eugene K. Hough, artist, Gillis St. corner of Green. 1887/1888 Directory
Mr. Hough will erect photograph gallery and tenement house on Gillis. FC 27 March 1889
A. Wright has new photo gallery on Cushing St. FC 20 August 1890
E. K. Hough and Charles O. Mason bought photo outfit of late McNeill. Business in same location. [Over Miner's Bank] FC 24 September 1890 [Mason was Hough's brother-in-law]
Hough & Mason, photographers, successors to H. McNeill. FC 1 October 1890
Ads for Hough & Mason in FC 11 November through 31 December 1891. None later.
Maud M. Adams, photographer, boards on Green St. 1891 Directory
Charles O. Mason, photographer, over Miner's Bank. 1894 Directory
E. K. Hough, Forest Place. FC 27 September 1899
Eugene K. Hough, photographer. Home at 27 Green St. 1900 Directory
Charles O. Mason, photographer. Shop at 36 E. Main. Home at 119 Temple. 1900 Directory
E. K. Hough died 3 January 1902
Charles O. Mason, photographer. Shop 36 E. Main. Home 119 Temple. 1902 Directory
Silas Gibbs. Photo supplies, 80 Center St. FC 2 December 1903
Clarence Gibbs obituary. Died last Tuesday about 27. Came to Fredonia abut 14 years ago, Eagle St. Clerk at Edmund Drug and photographer. For last year on the road demonstrating for Eastman Kodak. FC 13 September 1905
C. H. Sisson, photographer. 59-61 Main St.  1907 Directory
Burton & Cook, photographers. 92 Temple St. [A. Burton and R. G. Cook both residing at 19 Forest Place] 1907 Directory
McLaren [See separate article]
Blanding  (See separate article]

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