Thursday, March 28, 2013

Alvah H.Walker
By Douglas H. Shepard, 2013

            Alvah H. Walker was born in Foster RI on 15 February 1802 to Mr. and Mrs. John Walker. The family moved to Sheridan NY in 1805/1806. (When he attended the Old Settlers Reunion in June 1873, A. H. Walker remarked that of his three brothers, one was born in the town of Chautauqua, Genesee Co., one in Pomfret, Niagara Co., and one in Sheridan, Chautauqua Co., and all were born in the same house.)
            In 1821 Alvah Walker moved to Fredonia where he worked as a store clerk. By June 1827 he had become a partner with O. M’Cluer in the firm of M’Cluer & Walker. In May 1831 Walker joined D. Sackett to form Sackett & Walker at the corner of Main and Eagle streets, the building formerly occupied by M. D. & J. Harmon. In 1832 D. Sackett sold his interest to John Walker and the business was moved to “the new store” at the corner of Main and Water streets as A. H. Walker & Co., that is, 1 East Main Street.
            On 1 October 1834 Walker married Minerva, daughter of Dr. Noah Snow, and in June 1841 A. H. Walker & Co. added Stephen Snow as a partner in Walker, Snow & Co. That location in February 1853 was described as “two doors west of Cole & Barker shoe store.” A. H. Walker was elected to the State Senate in 1853. At the end of his term, in 1855, he and his family moved to Michigan. The 1854 map of the Village of Fredonia shows his home at today’s 141 West Main Street, later the home of Dr. Washburn. Walker died in Michigan in April 1891.

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