Thursday, March 7, 2013

William Stock, Printer
By Douglas H. Shepard, 2012

                William E. Stock, son of Mark and Jane (White) Stock, was born in Perrysburg NY on 17 November 1877. He married Laura, daughter of N.S. and Mary (Austin) Stelly. They had two sons, Wilfred A. born 31 January 1908 and Ronald L. born 13 July 1910.             In 1918/19 the family moved to Fredonia where William Stock worked as a printer. The 1920 Census lists his work place as the “Box Factory,” which means that he was printing labels for grape and other fruit boxes as well as, perhaps, fliers and business stationery.
                They first lived at 31 White Street. By 1930 they had moved to 133 West Main Street, and by 1935 William Stock had set up on his own at 46 West Main Street as a “Job and Book Printer.” By 1938 the two boys had moved on (at some point to Illinois) and William and his wife lived at 90 Center Street, where they remained through 1944. In 1942 William Stock was President of the Fredonia Fire Police.
By 1946 they had moved again, to 28 Risley Street, where they lived until William’s death on 21 May 1951. His widow moved to 20 Seymour Street, where she opened the Mary Austin Studio, apparently selling arts and crafts supplies in partnership with Mrs. Bernice Stienz. She later advertised herself as doing china repair. Mrs. Stock died in February 1978. Roland, of Peoria IL had died in August 1968. His brother, Wilfred, died in Florida in 1993.

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